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A Family Office Experience

Our Story

Looking to create a new model for financial planning and raise the bar for customized service, The Affinity Group launched in 2002. Breaking out of the traditional product and transaction-focused approach, we built a process that starts with getting to know each client on a very personal and deep level. Our goal was to build trust, credibility, and confidence.


In 2021, The Affinity Group expanded its expertise with our partnership with BST Wealth Management LLC, an SEC-registered investment advisory firm. Our new firm, Affinity BST Advisors, LLC, combines our consultative approach with expanded capabilities to help each client reach their life and family goals.

Our Clients

We work with people who are successful business owners, executives, doctors, and other professionals who want to invest successfully but do not have the time. Their personal finances are taking a back seat to more pressing day-to-day issues. They want to overcome procrastination, a lack of time and attention, and a lack of knowledge to take control of their financial life. They also want to take care of their loved ones and enjoy life.

Our Process


We seek to build trust, credibility, and confidence. We educate, solve and prevent problems. We become one of our clients' closest and most trusted advisors.


  • Financial advice that is designed to meet your needs
  • We begin with discovery and a comprehensive review
  • We build the plan together and stay connected
  • We execute the plan and work with your other advisors


Working with Affinity BST Advisors is like having a quarterback leading your team, looking out for the big picture and maneuvering you through the little details of getting you where you want to go.