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Considering a Business Acquisition?

You wouldn’t perform surgery on yourself. The same holds true when buying a business. Unless you’re well-versed in performing a comprehensive financial analysis of a business, it doesn’t make sense to buy one without using due diligence and valuation specialist. A due diligence report:

  •  Verifies the accuracy of the seller’s information.
  •  Outlines a detailed understanding of the business.
  •  It contains vital information that can be used for negotiating the transaction, obtaining financing, establishing the tax and accounting basis of the assets, and integrating the acquired entity into the buyer’s business.

Most of all, due diligence identifies possible deal-breakers. A seller may “prepare” business for sale, making it look better than it really is, in order to obtain a higher price. A professional due diligence review guards against the overstatement of assets and understatement of liabilities. It also provides an analysis of historic earnings and the likelihood that forecasted operations can be met.

About the Author:

Lisa Smith has been a Partner with BST since 2017 and in her current role, Lisa leads the Firm’s Transaction Advisory Services practice and provides audit, accounting, and internal control services to various industries including; professional services, employee benefit plans, energy distribution, healthcare and manufacturing, and retail distribution. 

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Posted on February 10, 2020 at 10:24 AM