Read the latest on the impact of COVID-19 and BST's response.

Tips for Holiday Office Party Planning During Covid-19

With many workers still remote and gathering restrictions increasing as infection rates rise, 2020 is absolutely the year to re-imagine the company holiday party. This is a great opportunity to create an engaging experience that boosts morale and team bonding while keeping employees safe and avoiding Zoom fatigue.  Read More 

Financial Metrics that Matter

Achieving and maintaining profitability for your practice is essential and having the capability to track key metrics that measure productivity is core to being successful. In this article, we will discuss how metrics, when used effectively, can help to facilitate the profitability of your practice.   Read More 

Tax Implications When Lenders Cancel Debts in the COVID-19 Era

In the COVID-19-ravaged economy, debts can pile up beyond a borrower's ability to repay. Lenders sometimes may be willing to forgive (or cancel) debts that are owed by certain borrowers. While debt forgiveness can help struggling borrowers survive financially, it can sometimes trigger negative tax consequences. Here's what borrowers need to know about the tax implications of so-called "cancellation of debt" (COD) income.  Read More 

COVID-19 Relief: New Rules for Deducting Charitable Contributions

No matter what any of us have tried to accomplish in 2020, it certainly has been harder to achieve. That is the case for not-for-profit organizations, which depend on charitable giving to support their mission. If you are philanthropically minded and planning to support your favorite non-for-profit, the CARES Act made some changes to the deduction rules that reward you for your generosity.  Read More