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Why BST for Retirement Services?


  • Our talents and skills can be seen in every aspect of our services, enabling you to have confidence that your plan is meeting all regulations while maximizing the benefits available to you and your employees.
  • We know the IRS and DOL legal boundaries that apply to all aspects of your plan design and administration. We will act as your compliance department by monitoring these laws and advising you on actions you need to take to remain in compliance.
  • We can simplify and explain the complex regulations regarding retirement plans in a manner that you will understand.
  • One of our main objectives is selecting the retirement plan that is right for you.  We will meet with you to ensure that we understand your objectives, whether they are employee recruitment and retention or maximizing the benefits to your key executives.
  • Our business background, corporate and personal tax experience, and financial planning expertise of our team allow us to advise you on a broad range of retirement plan issues and options.  We look at all aspects of your business, goals and financial situation to help you select the right plan for your company.
  • We will meet with you to determine that your plan continues to meet your objectives. We will discuss possible changes to the plan required to meet those objectives. We will ask questions to insure we understand any changes to your goals. We will ask questions regarding changes in your business and alert you to how these changes affect your retirement plan.
  • We understand what your accountant needs to know regarding your retirement plan.  We work closely with your Tax Professional to ensure we are maximizing the tax benefits of your retirement plans.  We also work closely with your Plan Auditors to provide required information and documentation during the audit process.
  • Since we do not sell investment products, we can work with your current Financial Advisor. If needed, we can assist you with the selection of your Financial Advisor based on strategic alliances we have established and maintained through our work with a wide variety of retirement plan clients.  We have had experience with many investment platforms although we do not sell or recommend any specific investments
  • It is common in today’s marketplace for investment providers to issue Revenue Sharing payments to TPAs as compensation for services performed for the client.  It is our practice to apply this income directly as a retainer on your account to reduce the payments due from our clients for our services.  In choosing a TPA, please keep this in mind as you compare fees from various providers.
  • Attracting top level employment talent requires a competitive package of employee benefits, including retirement benefits.  Therefore, providing a competitive plan with the appropriate eligibility requirements and contribution features is key to your success in hiring and retaining the best employees.