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TPA Services

A significant difference between our firm and our competitors is our attention to detail in all aspects of your plan design and administration.  We provide our clients with access to a dedicated Retirement Services Associate for advice and counsel throughout the year. 

As your Third Party Administrator, we will perform a detailed analysis of your employee data to:

  • Determine eligibility for all new and rehired employees
  • Calculate eligible plan compensation for contribution calculations
  • Reconcile your employee data to ensure accuracy before performing calculations and testing.
  • Prepare Projections for various levels of Employer Contribution to assist you in deciding the actual level of contribution. Allocate  that contribution within the parameters of your plan document to best meets the needs of your business
  • Calculate maximum contribution levels for key executives
  • Calculate the employer contribution amount and provide a Contribution Report detailing all contributions by employee and by source
  • Identify plan forfeitures and provide allocation of  forfeiture account
  • Monitor all IRS contribution limitations
  • Confirm the accuracy of all employee vesting percentages
  • Properly identify all key and highly compensated employees
  • Determine if the plan is Top Heavy
  • Reconcile contributions with the actual deposits to participant accounts
  • Provide a list of outstanding receivable contributions at year-end
  • Identify participants who should be receiving Required Minimum Distributions and calculating the RMD for each one
  • Prepare the annual 1099R, 1096 and 945 forms for distributions when required
  • Provide an annual comprehensive letter of instruction to address all actions the plan sponsor needs to take to ensure their plan remains in compliance
  • When required, prepare individual annual Participant Statements to provide each participant with the activity in their retirement account during the plan year
  • Prepare required annual notices, such as Safe Harbor notices, for distribution to all employees