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Tax and Estate Planning

Tax planning and estate planning are key parts of your transition strategy. Without effective planning—done well in advance—you run the risk of entering retirement with less than you anticipated. Your tax situation will depend on your transition plans for your business. We will estimate the “after-tax” proceeds that could be achieved from each applicable transfer option. With a clear understanding of your objectives, we will take you through your options and help you create a plan that minimizes immediate and future tax liabilities for all key parties.

From our work together you can expect the following:

  • A unique process to organize your thinking and educate you about transition options.
  • Customization of the transition options to your business and personal situation.
  • Assessments of the risk indicators and value drivers in your business to assist in creating solutions and action plans that help you meet your goals.
  • Organization of your vital planning documents and decisions that need to be made.
  • Clarity that gives you direction and confidence to make decisions, knowing that they have been fully vetted through our analysis and conversations together.
  • A definite direction to maximize business value and advance your business transition, including specific recommendations and strategies that apply to your situation.
  • Time savings on consolidating your planning and focusing your mind on achieving a certain outcome through this process, including introductions to experienced service providers where needed to complement our planning engagement and potential execution of the plan.
  • Peace of mind in having done the hard part of your transition planning, namely making the commitment to move ahead and invest in protecting your most valuable asset and being better prepared to make the largest financial and emotional decision of your life.