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Robert Canterbury
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BST Wealth Advisors is an independent wealth management firm serving clients throughout the United States. We are fiduciaries, which means that we adhere to the highest legal standard to act in your best interests and do everything we can to help you reach your most important goals. We’ll take the time to get to know you and your most important relationships. We have experience to help you make the decisions that could make a difference in your life. We can help you achieve your financial goals.

Our Philosophy

At BST Wealth Management, we are fiduciaries which means we adhere to the highest legal standard to act in your best interests and do everything we can to help you reach your most important goals. This means making recommendations based on what decades of peer-reviewed financial research has shown to be the right way to invest.

The Bigger Picture

Who We Are

We are in a fiduciary relationship with you. 

BST Wealth Management is boutique in nature and intentionally small so we can maintain deep personal relationships and superior service. Our business model outsources the routine functions so we can focus on the critical and sometimes complex issues in your lives.


We are registered investment advisors — As a registered investment advisor, we are required by law to act with undivided loyalty to you, our client, in a fiduciary relationship. This includes disclosing how we are compensated and revealing any conflicts of interest. Not all financial relationships are held to this higher standard. Is yours?


We are not employees — We are not employees or agents of a large, financial institution; we are not required to promote anyone’s proprietary products.


No commissions — We accept no commissions or other incentives that may tarnish our dedicated advice to you.


Sole source of compensation — Our sole source of compensation is the fully transparent fee you pay us for the wealth management services we provide. That’s it. We have no hidden agendas.

What We Do

Our unique approach to investing incorporates findings from academic and Nobel-prize winning research. It is sophisticated, yet straightforward. The basis for the principles in your investment plan is a collection of the best evidence from the academic disciplines of economics and finance. Our investment philosophy is based on Nobel-prize winning Modern Portfolio Theory. 

Our Investment Approach

Who We Serve

Your financial well-being is about more than investments – so we’ll take a look at your total financial picture to help you find peace of mind. We’re proud to provide financial guidance to a wide range of nonprofit organizations, helping them support and expand their important missions.

Retirement Plans and Employee Benefits

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