Investment Management

Modern Portfolio Theory

It is sophisticated, yet straightforward

Our unique approach to investing incorporates findings from academic and Nobel-prize winning research. It is sophisticated, yet straightforward. The basis for the principles in your investment plan is a collection of the best evidence from the academic disciplines of economics and finance. Our investment philosophy is based on Nobel-prize winning, Modern Portfolio Theory.

Our approach provides for a prudent, fully diversified, cost conscious, performance measured methodology. The American Law Institute, in drafting the Uniform Prudent Investor Rule (which has been adopted by most states as the foundation for their prudent investor rules), stated the following: 


  • Modern Portfolio Theory is adopted as the standard by which fiduciaries must invest funds.
  • Economic evidence shows that the major capital markets are highly efficient.
  • Investors are faced with potent evidence that the application of expertise, investigation and diligence in efforts to “beat the market” ordinarily promises little or no payoff after taking into account research and transaction costs.