Retirement Plans and Employee Benefits

Create a Plan that Balances Your Goals

Employee benefits are among the primary tools used to attract and retain a top-notch staff for any organization. Creating a plan that balances the goals of both the organization and its employees requires thorough analysis and review of benefit options and costs. Without the assistance of skilled benefit plan professionals, plan creation and management can consume a great deal of time and money.


No matter what the size of your organization, BST Retirement Services combines strategic planning, creative benefit design, and financial management to develop a package for your employees that will optimize the best benefits at a reasonable cost while meeting your plan objectives.


Plan Designs — Develop a plan that will meet the needs of the sponsor as well as plan participants’ financial goals.


Compliance and Tax Law Updates — Audits, terminations, mergers and restatement requirements.


Administration — Locally based and focused on service to the plan sponsor and your administrative staff, includes preparation of the IRS Form 5500, loans, hardship and distribution processing as well as contribution calculations.

Plan Fiduciary Services

As a plan sponsor, you are fiduciary to your plan participants. This means that legally you are held to the standard of an investment professional and are obligated to follow a prudent process when selecting and monitoring the investment options in your plan. ERISA allows you to claim that you are not a professional and delegate that responsibility to an independent firm. Most plan sponsors are unaware of this option and unfortunately most service providers are not willing to serve in this fiduciary capacity.

When you hire BST Wealth Management, we transfer that liability away from you and assume the role of serving as a fiduciary and doing everything in your participants’ best interests.

Employee Education

Engaging BST Wealth Management means working with a retirement plan partner focused on providing participants with clear, appropriately diversified, professionally managed portfolios, and personalized, one-on-one advice from a fiduciary advisor.

This approach helps demystify the complications of retirement planning, making it easier for your employees to make smarter decisions about their futures.

We focus our efforts in areas that can make the most impact to increase participation levels as well as savings rates. This benefits both your plan overall and enhances the experience for your employees.

We provide all of the support you need to educate your employees on the value of your 401(k) plan as part of our core service to you. This includes group and individual meetings, investment guidance and more.

Plan Design & Administration

Independence and Transparency

As a Registered independent Advisor, we provide comprehensive, unbiased investment advice. Our fees are fully-disclosed and based on a percentage of the assets in your plan, not which individual funds we recommend to your participating employees. This means the funds we select for your are the ones that will help your participants reach their goals.

Plan Sponsor Brochure

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Plan Sponsor Brochure