Risk Management

You’ve worked hard to accumulate your assets. We’ll help you determine how to protect those assets from the consequences of death, disability, the need for long-term care and other disasters. 

Income and Assets are subject to reduction and loss due to all kinds of events. Many events that can cause loss are unexpected; such as illness, loss of life, economic downturns, fire, theft, and weather damage. Insurance is a means to have someone else share the risk of loss in exchange for an annual payment.


Insurance can also be a vehicle to funding a buy sell agreement, or leaving a legacy to your children or charity of your choosing.


In connection with our wealth management planning services, we analyze your risk protection plan and consider areas where changes may be required so it is integrated and aligned with your estate plan, retirement plan and other financial goals.


BST, through our affiliate BST Wealth Management, will help you analyze, assess and implement insurance solutions for life, disability, and long-term care protection needs.