Find Your Path

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BST is committed to providing you with the tools you need to be successful in your career.  This commitment is reflected in BST’s performance development approach that actively involves you in planning your future. 

It is an ongoing process of: 


  • Continuous Feedback & Coaching
  • Goal Setting
  • Career Development Planning
  • Recognition and Reward


Meet Your Peer Coach

You will meet your Peer Coach in week 1. This person is responsible for accelerating your success by providing support, guidance, and feedback throughout the onboarding process. They will provide information and advice about BST and Services, and offer guidance on the organizational culture, such as unwritten rules, norms, and protocols. Most importantly, your Peer Coach provides you with a place for a you to ask sensitive questions and suggest tips for being successful at BST.

Ongoing, continuous Coaching and Feedback

BST strives to build a high-performing, coaching and development culture where all employees are aligned to BST’s strategic goals and understand what it takes to be successful in their current role, and how to successfully progress throughout their career.


Coaching, in its simplest form, means to train, tutor or give instruction. It is an excellent skill that can be used to enhance growth and performance, as well as promote individual responsibility and accountability. Performance coaching can help identify an employee's growth, as well as help plan and develop new skills.


Feedback is the primary tool used to provide employees with information and guidance. Feedback consists of two-way communication. It is critical to the success of BST’s Performance Development Model and the development of our talent.

Education, Experience, Exposure and Environment

Education - BST partners with many resources to provide a variety of education opportunities. Through these partnerships, team members are able to participate in technical and soft-skill training courses to enhance their knowledge base as they grow into experienced advisors. 

  • Leadership Development Programs
  • Milestone Technical Tracks
  • Continuing Professional Education Opportunities
  • BST University
  • Business Development Training


Experience - BST encourages team members to identify opportunities to gain experience above and beyond having assignments from a variety of industries. This may include research or special projects outside of the team member’s current scope of work. 

  • Publication and Public Speaking Opportunities
  • Cross-Functional or Stretch Projects

Exposure - BST encourages team members to build and maintain a strong professional network. It is important to stay connected and learn from peer groups which happens both internally and externally. Through these connections we are often able to find our next rising star to add to our growing team!

  • Open Door to Experts
  • Access to Professional Associations through Firm Membership
  • Access to Networking and Sponsorship Events


Environment - BST provides a workspace for continuous learning and access to resources that assist with acclimating team members to their role. These resources and tools are available to support team members by meeting their needs to accomplish the task at hand.

  • Set up for success through a comprehensive Onboarding Experience
  • Access to a Peer Coach
  • Access to Publication Libraries and Communities


Professional Certification / License Reimbursement and Bonus Program

BST offers our team members a reimbursement plan for study materials, review courses and exam fees for any professional certification or license related to their role.

CPA-specific: BST partners with Becker, Rogers and Wiley Learning to provide our team members with affordable options for CPA study materials.

We are thrilled to celebrate our team member’s accomplishment of earning their certification or license and have designed a bonus program to reward their hard work and dedication toward achieving this goal.