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Michael J. Raymond


BST's work product is excellent and BST's professionals are very easy and enjoyable to work with, especially when expert testimony is required.


The BST professionals have a vast understanding of the issues, aid in litigation preparation, and help settle cases before trial.

Whether you are an attorney, business owner, bank, insurance company, or in-house legal counsel, BST can assist you with all of your forensic accounting, litigation support, and business valuation needs. 

Our valuation, forensic and litigation support services team is recognized as one of the most respected and renowned in the industry. Drawing upon our expertise in accounting, audit and tax, we can help clients tackle the business and financial risks associated with disputes and fraud, and create effective and efficient solutions to a wide range of dispute resolution matters.


Business Valuation

Regardless of why a valuation is required, we have the expertise and experience to assist you. Our comprehensive valuation services specialize in the valuation of closely-held businesses and professional practices and include analyzing the economic, industry and competitive environments in which our clients operate, and assessing a company’s financial strength and strategic positioning in order to provide an insightful report that fully supports our opinion of value.

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Economic Damage Analysis

With our reputation for objectivity, responsiveness and in-depth technical knowledge, our team’s track record in economic damage analysis is distinguished in the legal and business communities. BST’s professionals assist counsel throughout the legal process in matters such as arson and fraud, contract disputes, civil damages, personal injury, employment discrimination, and many more areas.

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Insurance Claim Service

Unexpected events can negatively impact company operations and earnings in nearly any industry on any given day. Our team provides the guidance and expertise necessary to account for losses experienced due to fire, flood, auto accidents, theft and terrorist attacks.

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Forensic Accounting and Fraud

Recent years have seen a dramatic intensification in both fraudulent activity and the demand for greater transparency. Companies are held increasingly responsible for the actions of individual executives, employees and related parties. Whether you have 10 or 1,000 employees, fraud and financial misstatements are major concerns for every business and organization. Our investigative experts play a crucial part in helping clients meet transparency requirements and ensure minimal economic loss. 

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Domestic Relations Services

Emotions run high for all parties within marriage dissolution engagements. While the requirement of each party to completely and accurately disclose his or her assets and earnings is straightforward, often allegations of inaccuracy or non-disclosure are raised. Our experts can add value to these matters by providing unbiased objectivity with regard to both party’s financial disclosures.

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Divorce Tools and Information

With services provided to thousands of divorcing and separating couples and their attorneys, BST has developed specialized services and internally-developed tools that facilitate settlement negotiations or support of expert opinions at trial. These tools and services include Net Worth Negotiator, Net Worth Forecaster, and a Spousal Support Tax Calculator.

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