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James W. Cole
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In the real estate industry, the key to profitability, growth, and long-term success is the ability to minimize taxes, secure financing, contain costs, diversify and manage cash flow.


Our professionals understand these business concerns and have the expertise to advise clients on the best way to face industry challenges, seize new opportunities, and achieve overall financial goals.


BST delivers cutting-edge services to homebuilders, developers, as well as operators of office, industrial, retail, and multi-family residential real estate. We are aware of current market dynamics and have developed individualized services to address each industry’s specific challenges, compliance needs and standard tax practices. Our real estate accounting services also are designed to help resolve some of the issues you face during the acquisition, development, holding and selling phases by providing sophisticated income and tax minimization strategies and services.


BST focuses on the critical components of a successful real estate business and offers clients a wide variety of services including tax structuring and compliance; assurance services; financing and workout consulting; cost segregation; operations review and financial benchmarking; evaluating transactions; and family estate planning and wealth transfer.

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