Is your brand visible to the right audience?

While on vacation recently, I noticed tourists riding bikes. Curious to find a bike myself to rent, I started paying attention to them. I began seeing a few white bikes with the name CONRAD. Hmm, could that be a brand of bike? My astute husband remarked that it might be the name of a hotel. Oh, that makes sense. Of course, the hotel would have bikes for its guests to use or rent. And the brand would be visible to other tourists. As we continued walking, sure enough, we saw the CONRAD sign on this beautiful white hotel overlooking the ocean. Chances are, had I not seen the sign on the bicycle, I would not have noticed the sign of the hotel. There were many hotels on this boulevard. Smart of the hotel to do this. By placing the brand on the bike, it was like a traveling billboard to a target audience of tourists who might return to stay at their hotel on their next visit.

I started thinking about my own business and how I could use certain assets to make my brand visible to my target audience. Admittedly, I can do a better job. So, I decided to make a list of all the places my target audience could see my brand. This is such an important exercise in developing your marketing tactics plan. Start by evaluating your target audience. Where do they show up? Where do they get their information? What are their interests and pain points? The next step is to develop tactics that place you where they are and with relevance. If your prospective customers are not reaching out to you, chances are you are not visible where they are looking. The National Retail Federation predicts that a record 200.5 million people will watch the Super Bowl this year. That is a lot of consumers. But are they yours?

Not planning to advertise during the big game? Well, then how about making sure you are evaluating these other typical tactics.

  1. Online Platforms:

    • Social media
    • Industry-specific forums and websites
  2. Print Media:

    • Magazines relevant to your industry
    • Local newspapers and community newsletters
  3. Visual Media:

    • Billboards in high-traffic areas
    • Digital screens at public transportation hubs
  4. Events and Sponsorships:

    • Sponsorship of local events or sports teams
    • Participation in trade shows and expos
  5. Local Businesses and Not for Profits:

    • Partnerships with local organizations for cross-promotion
    • Branded merchandise in local stores
  6. Company Assets:

    • Business Cards
    • Stationery and Invoices
    • Building Signage
    • Apparel
    • Bikes 😊

The hotel has it right. They are targeting tourists in their area. The bikes are well branded: white bikes, large, visible name, and tourists having fun on the bikes! Take note. This is an easy, no-brainer.

What is your low-hanging fruit?