Federal Reserve Bank Cuts Rates: What's Next?

The Federal Reserve Bank lowered benchmark interest rates a quarter of a point earlier this week for the second time in as many months. The rate decrease was widely expected, but leaves many wondering: what comes next? Will this be a series of adjustments to boost a sluggish economy or will they leave things alone for the rest of the year? Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell was careful not to speculate or tip his hand as to what may lie ahead.

It is hard to believe that only earlier this year experts were predicting at least three rate increases, and now we have two rate decreases in as many months. Plus, with the ongoing trade wars with China and inverted yield curves and fluctuation in interest rates, we have seen volatility in the stock market. It could be a good time for investors to evaluate investment goals and re-evaluate risk tolerance to establish a properly diversified portfolio that’s right for you. 

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Bob CanterburyRobert Canterbury (Bob) is a Senior Advisor within BST's Wealth Management division. Bob assists clients with investment planning, risk analysis, appropriate asset allocation, investment selection and on-going evaluation. Bob also advises clients in the areas of cash flow, retirement, insurance and estate, planning.

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