CFO for Hire


Meredith Brinkmann
Sarah Walls

Thomas J.P. Kwiecien, Capital Cardiology Associates, P.C.

Personnel are very competent and friendly/pleasant to work with. I can pick up the phone and immediately get:  audit, accounting, tax and benefits advice.

Elizabeth Miller, WERC

Erin Herrmann is amazing.  She is professional, reliable, extremely knowledgeable, and is diligent about helping me to come up with solutions for new situations I am challenged with as the Executive Director of a small non-profit.

Jeannine Dubiac, Priority One Payroll

CFO for Hire and Northeast HR for Hire are wonderful resources for local businesses.

Get expert advice where it matters most...the bottom line. 

Welcome to CFO for Hire, your complete outsourced operational accounting and management resource. 


Do you struggle to get the right information about your company’s performance on a timely basis from your accounting department?  Is there constant turnover with your accounting positions?  Is your business growing and you need a higher level of expertise than your current accounting staff can provide? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may need a better accounting and finance solution.


CFO for Hire is a highly specialized, organized team of chief financial officers, controllers, senior accountants, and bookkeeping specialists with years of experience working with small to mid-sized organizations, for-profit and non-profit. 

You will benefit from our expertise in accounting and financial management to allow you to focus on the primary concern of operating your organization with peace of mind knowing that you have experts on your team. Many organizations cannot hire the highly skilled and experienced people they truly need on their team and as a result never reach their full growth potential.

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By putting the proper systems and people in place, CFO for Hire saves you time, money, resources, and eliminates the risk of fixed overhead costs associated with employee turnover and hiring staff. 

CFO for Hire's services are entirely scalable and customizable. 

Regardless of your specific needs or objectives or the size of your organization, CFO for Hire's services are entirely scalable and customizable. Get to know our team of highly-specialized, highly-organized chief financial officers, controllers, senior accountants, and bookkeeping specialists and learn how we can help your organization. We invite you to review the services we offer, our methodology, our clients' success stories, and to contact us for an in-depth consultation. 

Let's get started! Contact us today if you think CFO for Hire is the right move for your business.