CMO for Hire


Susan Radzyminski
Strategic Marketing Consultant

Strategy. Implementation. Impact!

Do you have a vision for your organization? What about your purpose? Do you know where you want your business to be in a year? In three years? How do you know your market potential? Can you expand your market share? How do you know which new markets to enter? Does your competition show up before you? Do you know why your company is successful or not? Are you missing the critical direction to reach your business goals?   


If these are questions you struggle to answer, you may be missing Brand and Marketing Strategy. That’s what CMO for Hire does--helps organizational leaders develop and execute strategies for growth, sustainability, and succession. 



Our approach involves working together to assess where you are today, determine where you want to be tomorrow, and develop a path forward to ignite your brand  and outfit your business with the marketing tools needed to succeed. Our business model provides you with options for services based on your organization's needs, from high-level branding, marketing, and business development strategy, to creating tactical plans and budgets, and building inhouse teams or finding the right consultants to achieve your goals.


CMO for hire includes a comprehensive assessment to help identify gaps and opportunities and results in a report that includes a strategic marketing plan with tactics, timeline, budget, and key performance metrics to help you measure results and impact.


What: Successful business plans include Marketing Strategy.


  •     Strategy is the roadmap to achieve your vision
  •     Brand conveys your value and tells your story
  •     Tactics are the actions that connect you with your audience
  •     Impact is the realization of intended results


How: Together, we build a powerful strategy, actionable plan, execute tactics, and measure results.


  •     Listen, understand, facilitate, analyze, research
  •     Create your message, value proposition, persona, and differentiation
  •     Develop and execute marketing, PR and business development activity
  •     Measure Key Performance Indices