Domestic Relations Services

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When it comes to matrimonial matters, we are much more than highly qualified valuation experts. As a direct result of our extensive experience in this area we have developed numerous complementary service offerings, including:

Enhanced Earnings Capacity/Professional Licenses/Advanced Degrees – Analysis of an individual’s enhanced earnings capacity and the determination of value for professional licenses, advanced educational degrees, and career attainments.


Net Worth Statements – We assist counsel in the preparation of the statement of net worth required under Domestic Relations Law Section 236 in New York State. More specifically we:

  • Consult with the client and attorney to determine the amount and nature of assets and liabilities, as well as income and expense levels as of the appropriate date or dates
  • Gathering and examination of relevant supporting documentation
  • Processing the statement of net worth form required under DRL §231.
  • Lifestyle Analyses – We perform lifestyle analyses of an individual’s sources and uses of income for spousal and child support purposes and for the imputation of unreported income.


Question Development – We assist in the development of questioning for interrogatories, examinations before trial, and direct/cross-examination for all relevant financial issues.


Forensic Accounting – We perform financial investigatory services designed to disclose hidden assets or income, transferred assets, and identify transmuted or commingled assets.


Settlement Assistance – We participate at settlement conferences and assist with settlement negotiations involving the equitable distribution of assets, spousal maintenance, and child support.


Asset Tracing – We perform asset tracing services in establishing the separate vs. marital components of the marital estate.


Separation Agreements – We provide assistance to legal counsel in the drafting of separation agreements and the structuring of settlements.


Critique of Opposition – We review and critique the opposing financial expert’s report/opinion and provide expert rebuttal testimony.


Expert Testimony – We have been deposed and/or have provided expert testimony in support of our valuation opinions in countless matrimonial matters.


Assistance in Drafting Briefs – We provide assistance in preparing trial and appellate briefs.