Move to new corporate headquarters designed to expand and reinvent workspace

ALBANY, NY, October 3, 2022 – BST & Co. CPAs, LLP, one of the Capital Region’s leading accounting and management consulting firms and a pioneer in outsourcing solutions, today announced that it is moving its Albany-based offices to 10 British American Boulevard in Latham in mid-November.

Headquartered since 1985 in a multi-story commercial building at 26 Computer Drive West, BST & Co. is consolidating all offices to a single floor at its soon-to-be new home on British American Boulevard to promote a collaborative workplace environment. The expansive, 25,000-square-foot workspace will feature an open floor plan, abundant natural light, non-traditional work areas, extensive amenities and a nearby nature preserve and walking trail.

The move runs counter to a national trend when many companies are downsizing commercial space in this post-pandemic climate. According to a recent report in the Wall Street Journal, 230 million square feet of commercial sublease space is currently available, as compared to 120 million prior to the start of the pandemic.

“We are excited at the prospect of settling into a bright, new environment that reinforces our collaborative, family-like culture and will position us for growth and continued success in the future,” said BST & Co. Managing Partner Ron Guzior. “The changing workplace that now exists in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic has forced us all to re-evaluate the way we do business and made us ask what we can do to best meet the current and future needs of our employees and our clients.”

BST & Co.’s new British American Boulevard home is sited on the ground level for ease of access and features differentiated elements within the design to attract and meet the needs of an evolving workforce. A multitude of non-traditional seating areas have been incorporated within a variety of spaces to offer maximum flexibility and choice for staff.

Some features of the new configuration include:

Large-scale and oversized windows are a prominent feature of the firm’s new design. Numerous studies that have been written on the changing dynamics spurred by the pandemic suggest that natural light and connection with nature help staff maintain a balanced sense of well-being.

“One of the big takeaways of working from home during the pandemic was being able to take a break when needed and to indulge in some outdoor activity to destress,” said Adam Lawrence, of the BST & Co. Talent and Culture Team. “Nature surrounds us at our new location, making it feasible for staff to break up their workday with a calming respite or invigorating walk outdoors. We even have shower facilities on site for those who engage in a regular workout on the trails.”

The new commercial space is designed to accommodate today’s hybrid workforce by allocating designated workstations and offices to those who commit to spend the majority of the work week at the office. For those who are remote or choose to spend one or two days on-site with their peers, there is the BST co-working space featuring open, reservable seating, which has been integrated into the overall design plan.

Guzior cited study findings on the topic revealing that for staff who primarily work remotely, there is a greater risk of disconnection from their company and its culture. Offering these employees an onsite and fully integrated co-working space is one way that BST & Co. is seeking to maintain a strong cultural connection to this portion of its workforce.

“We realize that the traditional office setting offers the advantages of collaboration and socialization. Throughout this process, we have relied upon an internal culture and building committee to borrow the best elements from the past while designing the office of the future,” Guzior said.

While BST & Co.’s investment in new commercial space would appear to run counter to national trends, recent findings demonstrate that it may well find itself ahead of the curve as more and more employees are making their way back to the office.

According to Kastle Systems, a company that tracks security swipes, workers are beginning to return to U.S. offices at the highest rate since the pandemic forced most workplaces to temporarily close in 2020. During the week of Sept. 8 through Sept. 14, office use in 10 major metro areas on average was 47.5 percent of early 2020 levels, a post-pandemic high.

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