Financial Metrics that Matter


Achieving and maintaining profitability for your practice is essential and having the capability to track key metrics that measure productivity is core to being successful. In this article, we will discuss how metrics, when used effectively, can help to facilitate the profitability of your practice.


Insight to drive key decisions

Metrics that help businesses get to or through a decision-making point are important and can influence long-term matters such as infrastructure requirements or nearer-term matters such as staff productivity.


Metrics presented through dashboards

Metrics can be effectively presented via a “dashboard” which presents all important data in a single place. Dashboards – fueled by key metrics - empower management to make fast and data-driven decisions based on the latest information.


Time Savings

Clients invariably point to time savings as a benefit to having data and metrics presented in an easy to use manner. Dashboards can be structured to pull data from disparate and non-connected sources. Clients also appreciate the role-based nature of metrics and dashboards. 


Metrics and dashboard facilitate decision making

One of the tremendous features of dashboards is the ability to visually present a business' story. The days of poring through multi-tabbed spreadsheets or, even worse, reams of paper are now replaced with information presented in a very visually engaging and easy to read manner.  Plus, financial reports can easily be converted into graphs, pie charts, bar graphs, etc. 


Using metrics expertly and properly

Structuring and using metric-driven dashboards should be led by an experienced financial professional as these professionals can assist in interpreting what information means and how to strategically assess it.  


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