Financial Statement Audits


With an unwavering commitment to accuracy, our audit process is based on a thorough initial planning process, open and honest lines of communication throughout the year, and a specific methodology of analysis and quality review that will ensure a successful audit, as well as a successful relationship We have developed this successful methodology and are recognized for the quality and thoroughness of our audit process.

We have developed a business advisory approach to audit services, which looks beyond accounting entries to underlying transactions and business systems. We place substantial emphasis on understanding your operations and fundamental business strategies. We don’t view your audit as a commodity. Instead, we see it as a tool that you can use to improve your business. Our audit process is continuous, whereby we address and resolve issues, new accounting standards and changes in your business, etc. throughout the year, not just at year end. A “no-surprises” audit is always our goal.

  • Certified Audits
  • Audits of financial statements
  • Single Audits in accordance with federal regulations
  • Audits of retirement and profit sharing plans
  • Contract audits
  • Internal control audits
  • Certification of cost reports
  • Issuance of management advisory letters
  • Communications with audit committees

Reviews and Compilations

  • Financial statement reviews
  • Internal control reviews
  • Issuance of management advisory letters
  • Compilation of financial statements

Other Attestation Services

  • Issuance of agreed upon procedures reports
  • Operational and program audits