Talent Strategy


Adam Lawrence
Chief Talent Officer

Kip Walsh, Satch Sales, Inc. 

Professional and knowledgeable. 

Talent that fit your needs

Human Resources Strategies and Solutions Customized for You. BST is a full-service solution to your human resources needs. We focus on operational, management, and human resources consulting for small and medium-sized businesses. Our goal is to function as your fractional or full-time human resources department. By anticipating, analyzing, and responding to your human resources issues, we give you the freedom to concentrate on building a successful business.


We believe that the most productive consulting relationships are partnerships where our clients look to us for an objective and informed point of view on their organizational issues. Whether it’s a special project, on-site servicing, or an isolated issue that needs resolving, our experts can offer you a custom solution to strengthen your human resources function.

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