Business Valuation Experts

Expert Business Valuation

At BST, we have a reputation for providing objective and credible business valuations, supported by decades of experience and expertise. With a deep team of seasoned experts we are recognized for our responsiveness and broad industry experience.


In many instances, the most significant asset in a marital estate is an interest in a closely-held business or professional practice. Our team of professionals has significant experience and specialized training in the valuation of such interests. Our comprehensive valuation reports and the level of due diligence that underlies them, greatly increases the chances of our valuation opinions being adopted by the courts. Our reputation for excellence has resulted in our appointment by State Supreme Court as financial and valuation experts in over 400 matrimonial cases throughout New York State. We provide business valuation services in Matrimonial Litigation, Mediation, Arbitration, and Collaborative Divorces.


  • Partner/Shareholder Buy-outs
  • Dissenting Shareholder Actions
  • Partnership Disputes/Dissolution

ESTATE PLANNING (Gift and Estate Tax Matters)

In addition to the appraisal of an ownership interest in a closely-held company prepared in connection with the filing of an estate or gift tax return, we provide estate planning services to minimize taxes and facilitate an orderly succession of ownership. We also assist with the resolution of valuation disputes with taxing authorities.


While settlement of litigation matters is always our goal, when that is not possible we provide credible objective testimony at trial, that requires communicating complex financial and valuation issues in a manner that is easily understood and adopted. Our team has significant experience providing expert testimony in contentious and/or litigious financial matters. These individuals have been qualified as experts in business valuation.


We assist buyers and sellers in assessing the values of businesses in connection with merger and acquisition transactions. Additionally, we assist in the performance of due diligence (both buy-side and sell-side) to facilitate informed decision making  and to provide legal counsel with critical information for the drafting of contractual provisions.


We provide valuations prepared in connection with the buy-in or buy-out of shareholders/partners. We also assist in annual or periodic valuations prepared pursuant to shareholder/partnership operating agreement provisions/requirements.



Valuation Experience

With more than 40 years of experience performing business valuations, we have prepared valuations on a variety of business types representing many industries. The following list represents the types of businesses in our valuation portfolio.

  • Agriculture (Produce, Livestock, Cannabis, Orchards)
  • Apparel and Accessories
  • Asset Managers, Hedge Funds, Private Equity Funds
  • Commercial and Residential Real Estate Development, Construction, Management
  • Cosmetics
  • Demolition and Heavy Construction
  • Entertainment, Broadcast, Radio, TV
  • Executive and Professional Recruiting
  • Franchises
  • Hospitality (Hotels, Restaurant, Catering, Bars/Pubs)
  • Import/Export Enterprises, Customs Brokerages
  • Insurance Companies, Brokerages, Agencies
  • Intellectual Property, Start-up, and Venture Capital Enterprises
  • Investment Managers, Brokers, Dealers, Specialists, Financial Planning Firms
  • Manufacturing and Wholesale
  • Medical (Physician Practices, Hospitals, Surgery Centers, Home Healthcare Agencies, Nursing Homes, Assisted Living Facilities)
  • Personal Goodwill, Creative Works and Celebrity
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Power, Electricity, Gas, Utility Production, Transmission and Brokerage
  • Professional Service Firms (Law Firms, Accounting Firms, Architectural & Engineering Firms)
  • Publishers, Printers
  • Public Relations, Marketing, Advertising
  • Retail
  • Technology
  • Warehousing, Delivery, Logistics


The BST professionals have a vast understanding of the issues, aid in litigation preparation, and help settle cases before trial.


BST's work product is excellent and BST's professionals are very easy and enjoyable to work with, especially when expert testimony is required.