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Our experts have handled more than 1,500 losses nationally resulting from fire, auto accidents, mechanical breakdown, power outages, terrorist attacks, theft, employee dishonesty, and natural disasters. Typical assignments have included the following:


Business Interruption – We assess and calculate lost business income. We also verify and quantify extra and expediting expenses incurred to mitigate the loss.


No-Fault Auto (PIP) – We calculate lost earnings and substitute wages for self-employed individuals injured in automobile accidents.


Loss of Use – We calculate the lost profits resulting from the loss of use of business vehicles damaged in automobile accidents.


Theft & Embezzlement – We verify and quantify the economic loss resulting from commercial theft and embezzlement loss claims.


Stock Losses – In claims involving “out of sight” stock (inventory) losses, we verify existence and quantify the value of lost or stolen inventory.


Arson & Fraud – We investigate and assess financial motive in arson and fraud cases.


Property Damage – We audit business property claims for damages to buildings and contents, preparing the necessary financial schedules to document and verify the expenditures.


Builders’ Risk – We verify and quantify the increased construction costs incurred resulting directly from a covered cause of loss.


Bodily Injury or Death – We calculate the present value of losses incurred by individuals involved in an accident.


Valuable Papers – We quantify the costs incurred to recreate and reproduce valuable papers destroyed during a business interruption.


Appraisal/Umpire – We have been selected by several insurance companies and have worked objectively and effectively as an appraiser on business interruption disputes.


Subrogation – We assist in the defense or recovery of economic damages in a subrogation action.


Training – We provide training to claims people on a multitude of financial topics designed to enhance their level of customer service and enable them to better interact with our professional team.


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