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Posted onMarch 30, 2020
Congress passed a $2.2 trillion bill which earmarked $350 billion in funds for Small Business Administration (SBA) loans through the Paycheck Protection Program. The emergency loans are intended to cover payroll, benefits, commissions and similar types of compensation; payments of interest on mortgage obligations or rent; and utilities for qualifying small businesses.
Posted onMarch 30, 2020
During an economic downturn, financial pressures and opportunities can lead to an increase in fraudulent activity. This can take shape in many forms, including employee embezzlement, fraud by unrelated third parties, cyberattacks, fraud by vendors, financial statement fraud and corruption.
Posted onMarch 30, 2020
While we currently find ourselves in the grips of a crisis, now is the time to prepare your business for better days ahead. There are a number of key items that a business owner or CEO will need to evaluate as we look ahead to the recovery period.
Posted onMarch 21, 2020
Yesterday, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin announced that the federal tax deadline for an “Affected Taxpayer” will be extended (delayed) to July 15, 2020, from the traditional deadline of April 15, 2020.
Posted onMarch 18, 2020
The COVID-19 situation has intensified and evolved rapidly since we communicated with you last week. As a result, BST is moving to a mandatory remote working environment for employees effective today, March 18, until further notice.
Posted onFebruary 10, 2020
You wouldn't perform surgery on yourself. The same holds true when buying a business. Unless you're well-versed in performing a comprehensive financial analysis of a business, it doesn't make sense to buy one without using due diligence and valuation specialist.
Posted onJanuary 22, 2020
The U.S. Department of Labor (Department) is updating and revising its regulations issued under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA or the Act) that provide guidance on determining joint-employer status under the Act.
Posted onOctober 2, 2019
If you are a small business owner looking for an inexpensive way to add a traditional style 401(k) retirement plan, there is a way.  The IRS has cleared the way for small businesses to join an existing 401k plan with multiple employers and avoid a costly set up for your own separate plan.
Posted onSeptember 25, 2019
Although generally not of primary concern for high net worth individuals, the Social Security retirement benefits that may possibly be available to the former spouse of a well-paid individual can be an important source of supplemental income during retirement years.
Posted onSeptember 20, 2019
The Federal Reserve Bank lowered benchmark interest rates a quarter of a point earlier this week for the second time in as many months. The rate decrease was widely expected, but leaves many wondering: what comes next? Will this be a series of adjustments to boost a sluggish economy or will they leave things alone for the rest of the year?